‘Partygate’ scandal: Police say Boris Johnson won’t face further fines

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Police said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson would not have to pay any additional fines over the "partygate" scandal. The U.K. leader previously paid one fine over COVID-19 pandemic lockdown-breaching gatherings.
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Teachers unions silent after study dismantles claim in-person learning was ‘racist’ during COVID

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Teachers unions that called a return to in-person instruction 'racist' have been silent on a Harvard study that blamed remote learning for large achievement gaps, particularly for minority students.
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Ukraine funding bill: These 11 Republican senators split from party leadership, opposed $40 billion in aid

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Eleven Republicans Thurssday voted against a $40 billion bill to send defense aid to Ukraine.
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Why it’s taking so long to determine if Oz or McCormick won Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate primary

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Vote counting continues in Pennsylvania following Tuesday's primary. The GOP Senate primary will head to a recount if the margin between Mehmet Oz and Dave McCormick stays at .5%
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