During Mass, Pope Francis urges the people of Congo to forgive those who have harmed them

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Pope Francis hosted a Mass before an estimated 1 million people in Congo. Francis urged the people to forgive those who have harmed them.
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Jamaica is willing to send soldiers, police to Haiti as chaos continues

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Haiti's prime minister requested the deployment of foreign troops as chaos caused by a gang in the country continues. Jamaica is willing to send soldiers and police to help.
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Sudanese refugee released from Libyan detention center after being kidnapped, tortured by gunmen

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Mazen Adam, a 15-year-old who was kidnapped and tortured by gunmen, was released from a Libyan detention center. Libyan authorities claim the kidnapping was fabricated.
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CA widow files wrongful death lawsuit after police shoot unarmed mentally ill husband in the back

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California officials fatally shot an unarmed man after a wife called the police station to help her husband who was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. The wife is now suing the city
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Former leader of Khmer Rouge who was convicted of crimes against humanity transferred to Cambodian prison

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A former leader of Khmer Rouge, Khieu Samphan, has been transferred to a Cambodian prison. Samphan was convicted of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes.
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Brazilian soccer player Dani Alves agrees to wear tracking device, turn in passport during investigation

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Dani Alves is asking to be set free pending the assault investigation against him. He offered to wear a tracking device and turn in his passport.
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Perjury trial against former NYC narcotics detective thrown out following error by prosecutor

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A New York prosecutor failed to turn over evidence required for his defense, leading to a case being thrown out. The case was against a former NYC narcotics detective.
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