‘Risk to safety’? Montana congressman rejects Pentagon’s reason for not shooting down Chinese spy balloon

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Montana leaders are questioning why the Pentagon did not take action to remove a suspected Chinese spy balloon from American airspace while it was in a sparsely populated area.
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‘SHOOT IT DOWN’: Montana GOP demand Biden take out suspected Chinese spy balloon hovering over US for days

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Montana Republicans are calling for President Joe Biden to take action against the suspected Chinese surveillance balloon currently roaming over the state.
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Trump ramps attacks on ‘overly ambitious’ Haley and other potential 2024 GOP rivals

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Former President Trump attacked his rumored GOP contenders, taking credit for their elections and discussing how he feels about a packed primary.
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GOP senators come to DeSantis’ defense after Trump called him ‘disloyal’

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Republicans are rushing to defend the Florida governor and rumored 2024 presidential contender Ron DeSantis, after Trump's most recent attacks against his GOP rival.
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Migrants remain camped in NYC street after nearly 48 hours to protest eviction from free stay at luxury hotel

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After nearly two days camped outside the Watson Hotel, a group of illegal migrants refuse leave as they protest better living conditions in the city.
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Obama’s secretary of defense blames ‘carelessness’ for classified docs scandal afflicting Biden, Trump

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The former secretary of defense for President Barack Obama torched the mishandling of classified documents, amid investigations into both Biden and Trump.
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Supreme Court sees uptick in approval rating since overturning Roe v. Wade tanked national support: poll

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A new Marquette University poll found that national approval for the Supreme Court is on the rise for the first time since the Dobbs decision in June.
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‘Retire now or get fired’: Senate predictions spell trouble for Democrats in 2024

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The Cook Political Report released its Senate ratings, revealing several Democrats who are vulnerable next cycle as the party faces a daunting 2024 map.
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10 Democrats who have vowed support for Biden in 2024 as voters await his official re-election decision

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Biden has received multiple endorsements from those on the left who have vowed to support his 2024 bid for president, even though his official intentions are unknown.
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Republicans rate Biden’s handling of the presidency two years in: ‘Deserves an F’

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Republicans reveal what grade they rate President Joe Biden's handling of the presidency, on the two-year anniversary of his inauguration.
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