Reporter’s Notebook: On a roll or getting rolled?

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With Democrats set to pass the Inflation Reduction Act and pitch other legislative successes ahead of the midterms, the party is looking a little like it did in the 1990s.
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Dems claim wins on climate and prescriptions after parliamentarian reviews social tax and spending bill

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Senate Democrats plan to push ahead with their reconciliation bill after what they said were key favorable rulings from the parliamentarian on Saturday.
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‘Inflation Reduction Act’ passage not as simple as it appears for Dems: ‘It ain’t over till it’s over’

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While the Democrats have seemingly secured passage of the landmark "Inflation Reduction Act" bill, the road ahead isn't as simple as it appears. Especially for Senate Democrats.
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House Republicans move to reject China competition bill after Manchin, Schumer agree to reconciliation deal

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House Republicans are formally whipping their members against a Senate-passed China bill, and they aim to limit 'yea' votes, to potentially stall the bill.
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Jan. 6 committee August recipe for success with the public: marinate, salt to taste

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The Jan 6. committee has told their story to the American public in the first phase of their investigation. Now, they'll let that marinate in their minds.
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Revisiting the assault weapons ban

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In the debate over whether to ban assault weapons, Democrats blame Republicans for bowing down to the gun lobby, while Republicans blame Democrats for ignoring the Constitution.
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