Iran protests torched Biden strategy of ‘relentless diplomacy,’ but administration refuses to learn

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Iran protests torch Biden administration's planned nuclear deal with Iran and the idea of ‘relentless diplomacy.’ But the White House refuses to learn.
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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s husband of 27 years files for divorce, says marriage is ‘irretrievably broken’

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Perry Greene, the husband of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., filed for divorce Wednesday morning after 27 years of marriage. He says their marriage is “irretrievably broken."
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California woman charged with murder for driving into man she accused of trying to run over cat: authorities

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A woman allegedly ran over a man with her car on Sunday in Southern California after accusing him of trying to hit a cat with his car. The victim is a father of five children.
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When a major hurricane collides with other news, the storm prevails

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Hurricane Ian has dominated the news coverage all day and taken over the headlines. It's a humbling reminder of the power of nature and our humanity.
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WH plays damage control yet again after Biden search for deceased Rep. Walorski adds to list of walk-backs

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A White House spokesperson told Fox News Digital why President Biden's remarks have repeatedly been corrected or walked back throughout his tenure.
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Princess Diana’s heartfelt letter to man struggling with bulimia on display at Las Vegas exhibit

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David Corelli, curator of "Princess Diana: A Tribute Exhibition," detailed the numerous items associated with the late royal that have rarely been seen by the public.
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Rooftop Revelations: Pastor Brooks and Somali imam discuss shared goal of helping their communities

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Pastor Brooks sits down with a Somali imam from Minneapolis 281 days since taking to the rooftop to discuss the challenges facing each of their communities.
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Top Democratic candidates seek to cash in with women-themed campaign merchandise, but won’t define the term

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Several Democratic midterm candidates remain silent when asked to define the term "woman," after selling merchandise with the word.
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