‘Iron Chef’ champ, Ground Zero hero is first double lung transplant recipient at Mount Sinai Health System

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Mount Sinai Health System in New York City performed it's first double lung transplant on Iron Chef America and 9/11 volunteer, chef James Kelly of New York
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Pediatric hepatitis outbreak cases are not above pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels: CDC

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CDC research done during the pediatric hepatitis outbreak does not suggest an increase from the start of the outbreak compared with pre pandemic levels
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Vitamin D deficiency linked to dementia in certain populations when levels are very low: study

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A new trial has shown a link between Vitamin D deficiency and dementia risk and how taking supplements and can help prevent further risks in certain people
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Surgeon performed life-saving procedure on firefighter whose religious beliefs opposed blood transfusion

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A doctor at Mount Sinai performed a rare bloodless surgery on a fireman who did not want to receive blood because it violated his Jehovah's Witness faith
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Higher fish consumption associated with increased risk of malignant melanoma in US, study suggests

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A recent study indicates that consuming large amounts of tuna and non-fried fish has a chance of leading to a great risk of developing malignant melanoma
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