This New York police officer delivers: Helped bring a baby into world for fifth time in his career

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Sgt. Jon-Erik Negron of the Suffolk County Police Department in New York does more than just protect and serve: He's also helped deliver five babies in his career.
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Mena Suvari says she struggles with postpartum depression ‘every day’ more than a year after giving birth

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Mena Suvari opened up about her constant postpartum depression in a podcast episode that aired Wednesday, saying she struggles with it every day since giving birth in 2021.
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Getting pregnant soon after abortion or miscarriage might have lower risks than previously suspected: study

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Researchers analyzed more than 72,765 Norwegian birth records to test the WHO's guidance on waiting six months after a a miscarriage or induced abortion before conceiving again.
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New York mom describes having a baby after cancer: ‘Science is incredible’

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Breast cancer survivor and new mom Victoria Raphael of New York shares her success story with Fox News Digital — as fertility specialist Dr. Jaime Knopman explains fertility preservation.
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‘Slow-walked justice’: FBI insists it is prosecuting attacks on pro-life centers amid claims of politicization

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Months after an attack on a pro-life pregnancy center, the FBI offered a reward for info on the person who firebombed the facility -- after Republicans in Congress began asking questions
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Texas state rep. proposes bill that would allow pregnant women to drive alone in HOV lanes

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A Texas legislator proposed a bill for to make it legal for pregnant women to drive in the HOV lane, with the unborn child as the second occupant.
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Reddit poster criticizes sister-in-law’s ‘ridiculous’ baby names, angering rest of family

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A Reddit poster attracted comments after she revealed she angered her expectant sister-in-law when she criticized the woman's proposed baby names for her fifth child. A psychologist weighed in.
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Florida woman, 8 months pregnant, polespears fish for potential world record catch 

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Julie Augustine, a mother-to-be from Destin, Florida, caught a potential world record fish with a polespear while freediving in the eighth month of her pregnancy.
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Kylie Jenner said she cried ‘nonstop’ with ‘baby blues’ for 3 weeks after birth of her son

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Reality star Kylie Jenner said she had the "baby blues" earlier this year after she gave birth to her son and that she cried every day for three weeks.
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