New York mom describes having a baby after cancer: ‘Science is incredible’

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Breast cancer survivor and new mom Victoria Raphael of New York shares her success story with Fox News Digital — as fertility specialist Dr. Jaime Knopman explains fertility preservation.
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Chinese authorities loosen COVID-19 restrictions in some neighborhoods after protests

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China's zero-COVID policy has caused significant backlash following a number of incidents that could have been avoided if not for draconian lockdown policies.
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5 things I wish I knew when my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

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5 things I wish I knew as a husband and caregiver when my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She remained a wonderful person, but she was not the same person.
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HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol might not make a difference to heart health, medical study suggests

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A new study examined whether high-density lipoprotein cholesterol offered health benefits against cardiovascular events. The study compared health records between two race groups.
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Court rejects San Diego school district’s COVID vaccine mandate

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A California appeals court ruled against the San Diego Unified School District’s controversial COVID-19 student vaccine mandate this week following pushback.
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America is strong on Thanksgiving two years after COVID

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I am a health care leader who has seen the strength of the American spirit up close over the last two years of COVID. Join me in giving thanks for those who have served our country.
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Holidays may be the right time for family health chats: Joan Lunden shares key tips

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TV personality and health advocate Joan Lunden talked to Fox News Digital about knowing one's family health history — and how to have frank conversations with relatives over the holidays.
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