Minnesota police employees nurse injured puppy back to health after fleeing suspects toss him from car window

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Sheriff's office workers in Minnesota are helping a puppy they named "Taho" to recover from a broken leg after he was thrown from a window by suspects involved in a car chase.
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California woman wanted after stealing victim’s puppy during violent assault in broad daylight, police say

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A woman is wanted in Bell Gardens, California, after authorities say she violently assaulted another woman and stole her Maltipoo puppy in broad daylight on Monday.
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Missouri farmers trap what they thought was a ‘crazy-looking cat’ — ended up being an African serval

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A wildlife sanctuary in Arkansas is welcoming a new African serval into its facility after rescuing the animal from a live trap in Missouri.
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Texas dog owner offers $1K reward for stolen French bulldog: ‘Someone has to know’

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Steve Liollilo, a resident of Houston Heights, Texas, is searching for his French bulldog Bennie, who was taken by a stranger who posed as the rightful owner. A reward is being offered.
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TikTok star ‘Kurt the Cat’ sparks internet fame for owner Abram Engle, who encourages pet adoption

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TikTok celeb Abram Engle has gained nearly nine million followers with the help of his publicly beloved cat, Kurt. Engle tells Fox News Digital how saving the once-stray cat changed his life.
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Adoptable senior pup in Kentucky stuns in adorable JCPenney pet portraits

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Eight-year-old yellow lab mix Etta is a featured dog in JCPenney's 'Portrait for Pups' campaign. She's currently up for adoption at Mispits & Friends Rescue in Louisville, Kentucky.
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