Amazing recovery: New Hampshire man rescues wedding rings from 20 tons of trash

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A man in New Hampshire accidentally threw away his wife's wedding rings, which were drying on a napkin. He was able to recover the rings after digging through 20 tons of garbage.
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James Woods wears gold on ring finger with Sara Miller after seemingly celebrating new marriage on Instagram

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James Woods sported a gold wedding band on his ring finger as he stepped out in LA with Sara Miller. He wrote on Instagram that the couple married last month.
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Armie Hammer’s ex Elizabeth Chambers says one quality is most important to her in a new relationship

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Elizabeth Chambers says she and her kids are doing well after her divorce from ex Armie Hammer after Hammer was accused of abuse, rape and cannibalism.
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Wedding drama: Man uses flashcards to tell brother his toddler isn’t welcome, family chaos ensues

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A man asked the Reddit community for input after he used flashcards to stress that his wedding was not open to children as guests — including his brother's 3-year-old son.
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Former ‘RHOC’ star Meghan King admits she runs background checks for her dates: ‘I am not kidding’

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Former "Real Housewives of Orange County" star Meghan King revealed on a recent podcast her reasoning for running background checks on people she dates.
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Texas woman arrested for burning boyfriend’s house down after another woman answered phone

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A 20-year-old Texas woman is accused of breaking into her boyfriend's home and setting the house on fire after another woman, who turned out to be a relative, answered his phone.
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Shaq calls himself ‘d—head,’ says ‘bad’ actions led to split from ex-wife Shaunie Henderson

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Basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal admitted once again he was the reason his marriage with Shaunie Henderson went awry, calling himself a "d---head."
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At Thanksgiving, avoid these hot-button conversation topics to prevent arguing at dinner

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On Thanksgiving, family and friends gather together — and while it is a time of blessings and togetherness, it can also be a time of division, according to experts and families. Here's what to do.
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Diamond ring worth $40,000 is found on a Florida beach — and returned to owner just miles away

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A diamond ring worth $40,000 was found in the sand on a beach in St. Augustine, Florida. The founder took it to a jeweler and the ring was returned to its owner.
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Naomi Biden, granddaughter of Joe Biden, weds Peter Neal in White House ceremony

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Naomi Biden, daughter of Hunter Biden and granddaughter of President Joe Biden, married Peter Neal in a private ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2022.
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