Georgia fugitive arrested after replying to sheriff’s department ‘most wanted’ Facebook post: ‘How about me’

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A man wanted for probation violations was arrested in Georgia after he commented on a Rockdale County Sheriff's Office's Facebook post.
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Dog that ‘sheds a lot’ causes woman to bolt from her family’s Thanksgiving dinner: Reddit users weigh in

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A woman on Reddit asked for advice from others after she left a Thanksgiving dinner because her sister's dog was in the house while the holiday meal was being prepared.
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Texas homeowner says ‘hooker’ ghosts have taken over rental property: ‘They’re trying to stir up business’

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Hill House Manor homeowner Linda Hill explains why she believes her Texas rental property is haunted by 'sexual ghosts' on 'Jesse Watters Primetime.'
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Heidi Klum unrecognizable in elaborate giant worm costume at her New York City Halloween bash

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Heidi Klum dressed up as a highly-detailed, terrifying worm for her annual Halloween Party on New York City's Lower East Side on Monday night, following her festive tradition.
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American man allegedly carried live albino alligator in suitcase at German airport: report

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An American man was reportedly stopped at Munich Airport in Germany, after German customs officials detected an alligator in his suitcase via X-ray.
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North Carolina woman cited by police for shooting Mountain Dew cans in backyard: ‘Don’t DEW this’

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A 64-year-old woman was cited on Monday for shooting at cans of Mountain Dew in her backyard. She said she didn't approve of her father drinking the soda, according to police.
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