Dr. Oz torches ‘stunning’ attempts by leftists to intimidate SCOTUS on Roe V. Wade

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Dr. Oz joined "Fox & Friends" to address the intimidation efforts to influence the outcome of the Supreme Court decision on the future of Roe v. Wade.
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Trump endorses Alabama Senate candidate Katie Britt after flipping on Mo Brooks

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Republican Alabama Senate candidate Katie Britt won the endorsement of former President Donald Trump Friday.
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Former President Trump endorses Ohio’s JR Majewski for Congress

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Former President Trump has endorsed JR Majewski for Ohio's 9th Congressional district in a statement on Sunday, stating that he will be a “fantastic Congressman."
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Ohio’s Vance slams Ryan’s record on taxes, as Dem pushes for tax break to ease inflation: ‘Words are cheap’

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Ohio GOP Senate candidate JD Vance says his Democrat opponent, Rep. Tim Ryan, isn't being sincere when he says he supports a tax cut for the middle class.
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Tim Ryan pushes tax cut to help middle class weather inflation, but he’s a ‘lone soldier’ among House Dems

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Rep. Tim Ryan says top Democrats aren't focused on the right way to effectively relieve middle class Americans feeling the sting of high inflation.
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Pennsylvania Senate runoff: RNC intervenes to block McCormick absentee ballot move as Dr. Oz leads

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The Republican National Committee is intervening against David McCormick's campaign in a mail-in ballot counting case in the Pennsylvania Senate primary.
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Madison Cawthorn concedes North Carolina GOP House primary after string of missteps

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Rep. Madison Cawthorn, the youngest member of Congress, failed to hold onto his House seat, after critics said the 26-year-old brought too much negative attention to his North Carolina district.
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McCormick makes final pitch in Pennsylvania Senate primary: ‘Can’t have’ another Kamala Harris situation

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Pennsylvania GOP Senate candidate David McCormick argued Tuesday that his experience is needed to fix the crises facing Americans.
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I’m David McCormick and here’s why I want Pennsylvania’s vote

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It matters who you pick for this Pennsylvania Senate seat because this is the most important race in the Commonwealth in our lifetimes.
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