Charlie Gasparino on Sam Bankman-Fried’s new defense of FTX collapse: ‘This dude is going to jail’

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FOX Business senior correspondent Charlie Gasparino argues disgraced former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried will face prison time for handling of the crypto exchange.
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Florida man crashes SUV into fireworks store, sparking huge fire

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A Florida man crashed an SUV into a fireworks store which sparked a huge fire. The crash destroyed the building and killed the driver. Prior to the crash he rear-ended another vehicle.
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GA judge orders arraignment for ex-DA charged in Arbery killing’s aftermath

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A Georgia judge orders an arraignment for the ex district attorney charged in the Ahmaud Arbery killing. She was charged with violating her oath of office and delaying an investigation.
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Florida woman dies in test drive crash outside car dealership

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A woman died in a test drive crash outside of a car dealership in Florida. The 76-year-old passenger was killed by an 86-year-old man making a left turn in front of oncoming vehicles.
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Pennsylvania furnace explosion damages roof of titanium plant

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The roof of a titanium plant was damaged by a furnace explosion in Pennsylvania on Thanksgiving. No one was injured in the explosion, and the cause of the blast is under investigation.
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Washington double homicide suspect possibly involved in third deadly shooting

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Paul Snider, the suspected shooter of a double homicide in Tacoma, Washington, could be responsible for a third deadly shooting in a nearby town.
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Biden backers brace for Hunter Biden revelations ahead of GOP investigations

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President Biden’s backers are laying the groundwork to discredit and downplay any forthcoming revelations from Republican-led investigations into the Biden family.
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Special counsel in Trump investigations ‘politically very, very significant,’ a ‘serious concern,’ experts say

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Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley, ‘Fox News Sunday’ anchor Shannon Bream and ‘Wall Street Journal at Large’ host Gerry Baker analyze what impact the special master in Trump investigations
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Justice Department announces investigation into treatment of adults with mental illnesses in Oklahoma

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The Department of Justice has opened a civil rights investigation into the treatment of people with mental illnesses in Oklahoma. Other states are conducting similar investigations.
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