Human trafficking victim recounts horrors of life at the mercy of criminals

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A victim of human trafficking describes the brutal and incessant torture she endured while spending four years at the mercy of pimps and criminals in Mexico.
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US hits Taliban officials with visa restrictions over ban on women attending college

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced new visa restrictions on Taliban officials who were involved in the decision to ban women and girls from higher education.
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Andrew Tate intimidated, deceived 6 women to ‘transform them into slaves,’ prosecutors say

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Romanian prosecutors have accused former kickboxer and right-wing personality Andrew Tate of intimidating and deceiving six women to "transform them into slaves."
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Resolution introduced to relist Nigeria as a ‘country of particular concern’ for Christian persecution

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Pressure is mounting on the Biden administration to relist Nigeria as a "country of particular concern," having omitted it in 2021 and 2022. The country's Christians face threats of murder and violence.
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Moscow court sentences Russian journalist to 8 years on charges of disparaging the military

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A Russian journalist who spoke out against the country's war in Ukraine has been sentenced to eight years in prison. The Journalist was charged with disparaging the military.
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Prominent NYC venues repeatedly host Chinese official who praised CCP, denied Uyghur genocide

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Prominent New York venues have recently hosted a Chinese official who praised China's Communist Party and dismissed reports of persecution against Uyghur minorities as "lies."
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LeBron James, NBA world react to video of police beating Tyre Nichols: ‘We are our own worst enemy’

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LeBron James of the LA Lakers voiced his anger with the death of Tyre Nichols, who died from injuries suffered in a beating at the hands of Memphis police officers.
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Mexican human rights group launches online guide to search for missing persons

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A Mexican human rights group is launching an online guide to aid in the search for missing persons. The guide provides counsel on legal, constitutional, and police issues.
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Enes Kanter Freedom speaks out on $500,000 bounty from Turkish government

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Former NBA player Enes Kanter Freedom voiced his frustration with human rights violations in Turkey on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."
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Magistrate in Zambia grants bail to 8 Croatian nationals charged with child trafficking

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Magistrate David Makalicha of Zambia granted bail to eight Croatians who were charged with child trafficking. The eight people must pay $1,000 and submit their passports to the court.
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