Netanyahu: Iran nuclear deal is ‘probably dead’; protests reveal that regime is ‘really weak’

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Past and likely future Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Iran's deadly crackdowns on protesters show the world that they cannot be allowed to get nuclear weapons.
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Iranian reset should start with Biden firing Special Envoy Malley

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Biden administration needs an Iranian reset that would start with firing Special Envoy Malley, enforce existing US and UN sanctions and support the people.
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U.S. and Israel discuss military drill to simulate conflict with Iran, proxies

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Israel and the United States are reportedly planning to hold military drills between the two nations to simulate a possible attack against Iran or its proxies in the region.
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Iran reportedly enriching uranium at 60% purity at underground Fordow facility

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Iran has allegedly enriched 60% pure uranium at other sites since April 2021, but the decision to do so at its underground Fordow facility presents significant escalation.
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North Korea fired ballistic missile that landed near South Korea: Seoul

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South Korean officials said North Korea fired a ballistic missile that landed just east of its country. It happened after a trilateral meeting with the U.S., South Korea and Japan.
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White House should call for regime change in Iran and take sanctions relief off the table, report says

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Iran expert Tzvi Kahn says the Biden administration should take the possibility of sanctions relief for Iran off the table and explicitly call for regime change in the country.
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North Korea is biding time before it conducts 7th nuclear test, experts say

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North Korea tested dozens of missiles last week but it is uncertain when its seventh nuclear test will take place. Some experts say Kim Jong Un is biding his time.
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UN committee votes for Israel to dispose of nuclear weapons, allow international inspectors

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The UN General Assembly's First Committee voted overwhelmingly in favor of a resolution calling on Israel to dispose of nuclear weapons and allow international inspectors.
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Iran protests against regime reach day 40 as protesters fired upon by security forces

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An estimated 50,000 people showed up at the grave of Mahsa Amini, Wednesday, who was allegedly killed by the Islamic Republic's morality police for failing to properly cover her hair. Amini died 40 days ago today.
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North Korea warned of ‘unparalleled’ response from US, Japan, South Korea if it launches a 7th nuclear test

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The U.S., Japan and South Korea warned North Korea of conducting a seventh nuclear test this year and said there would be 'unparalleled" consequences.
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