As Kim Jong Un prepares for nuclear test, Biden approach to North Korea is failing, experts warn

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President Biden's policy on North Korea has yet to change the behavior of Kim Jong Un. Analysts argue that a more decisive approach is needed to tame the North Korea's dictators nuclear appetite.
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Bloomberg editors: Time for Biden to get tough on Iran

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Bloomberg Opinion's editorial board published a piece Thursday calling on President Biden to get tough on Iran while still keeping open a path to a diplomatic solution regarding the US-Iran nuclear agreement.
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Pompeo says Biden’s Iran talks ‘squandered’ Middle East stability: ‘Putting us all at risk’

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In a Sunday interview, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News that President Biden's approach to the Middle East has been a big step in the wrong direction.
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China’s growing nuclear arsenal creates new global threat, may topple 70 year old power dynamic: Expert

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A tripolar international landscape would occur once China has obtained enough nuclear weapons which may incentivize adversarial neighbors to become nuclear powers in self-defense.
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German intel report shows Iran stepped up illegal attempts to aid nuke program

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A new report from a German intelligence agency shows Iran stepped up its activities to procure proliferation-related material for its nuclear program.
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What does North Korea’s Kim Jong Un want from the Biden administration?

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North Korea has maintained its historically hostile "strength to strength" policy against the U.S., and Kim seems to be working on that assumption when it comes to the Biden administration.
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Iran’s enriched uranium now 18 times more than nuclear deal’s limit, UN watchdog says

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According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran has more than 3,800 kg of enriched uranium, more than 18 times the limit set in an international deal
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US, Japan prepping statement to ‘deter’ China action in Indo-Pacific region: report

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U.S. and Japanese leaders are reportedly preparing a statement that pledges the nations will come together to "deter" China's action in the Indo-Pacific region.
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Iran weeks away from acquiring materials for first nuclear weapon, Israeli defense minister says

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While the U.S. and Iran have so far failed to agree on terms for a new nuclear agreement, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz warned that the Islamic nation is just weeks away from having the necessary materials for a nuclear weapon.
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Iran protests continue into second week as State Department tweets message of support for protesters

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Anti-government protests continue into a second week in Iran as protesters continue to demonstrate against the regime's price hikes.
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