Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell says Republicans who oppose gun bans are ‘siding with the killers’

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Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., says Republicans who oppose a ban on certain types of firearms are “siding with the killers," just days after a Nashville school shooting left six people dead.
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Biden admin silent amid growing concern from lawmakers over rapid development of AI technology

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The Biden administration is silent about whether it has concern over the rapid development of artificial intelligence or whether it believes it should be federally regulated.
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House set to vote on sweeping energy package dubbed as Republicans’ top priority

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The House is slated to vote Thursday on a sweeping energy package — the Lower Energy Costs Act — in one of the most significant tests yet for the slim Republican majority.
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First on Fox: McCarthy hauls in a record $35 million in fundraising since becoming House Speaker

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s off to a fast start in building a formidable war chest as he aims to expand the Republican majority in the chamber in next year’s elections.
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Rep. Hinson grills Mayorkas on budget request that mentions ‘cartels’ zero times

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Rep. Ashley Hinson quizzed DHS Chief Mayorkas on the lack of use of "cartel" in the agency's funding request -- a line of questioning Mayorkas saw as a mischaracterization.
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A look back at ‘queen’ Sheila Jackson Lee’s wildest moments from years in Congress: ‘mean’ boss, verbal abuse

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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, has faced numerous scandals during her nearly three decades serving in the House of Representatives. Here is a look at some of those wildest moments.
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Texas Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee announces run for Houston mayor

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Democratic Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas, announced she will retire from Congress, where she served for more than 28 years, and will run to be the next mayor of Houston.
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House GOP vows on ‘following through’ with vote on major change to Constitution: ‘Great response’

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House Republicans are reaffirming their commitment to passing a proposed amendment to limit the number of terms one person may serve in Congress.
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Hakeem Jefferies says Trump social media comments are going to ‘get someone killed’

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House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries said Friday that he believes former President Trump’s “rhetoric” on social media platform Truth Social is “going to get someone killed.”
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