DeSantis is ‘creating havoc’ in Florida, Democratic candidate for governor Nikki Fried says

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Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried spoke exclusively with Fox News about Gov. Ron DeSantis, inflation, abortion and more.
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Rep. Mace blasts ‘so-called tolerant left’ as Supreme Court faces threats: Biden ‘endorsed this’

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Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., warned that the protests at justices' homes could quickly turn violent after her own home was vandalized by Antifa protesters in 2021.
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Abortion providers to meet with Kamala Harris virtually at the White House

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Abortion providers will address a gathering of pro-choice activists at the White House after Vice President Kamala Harris gives opening remarks Thursday afternoon as the Supreme Court continues to weigh a reversal of Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case.
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Burgess Owens laments Dems’ lack of ‘abortion equity,’ says clinics target Black women

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Utah Republican Congressman Burgess Owens slammed Democrats on Wednesday for supporting equity in "everything under the sun" except when it comes to abortion.
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Dem witness tells House committee men can get pregnant, have abortions

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Aimee Arrambide, the executive director of the abortion rights nonprofit Avow Texas, told Rep. Dan Bishop, R-N.C., that she believes men can get pregnant and have abortions.
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Senate candidate Katie Britt’s message to ‘disaster’ Joe Biden ahead of Alabama primary election: ‘Game on’

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Republican Alabama Senate candidate Katie Britt says "game on" to President Joe Biden as she gears up for the Alabama primary election, facing off against Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., and businessman Mike Durant.
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MSNBC columnist: Men should get ‘vasectomies’ in response to ‘extreme right-wing minority rule government’

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MSNBC columnist Liz Plank encouraged men on Tuesday to get vasectomies to fight for reproductive rights.
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Roe v. Wade ruling has Biden administration bracing for nationwide wave of violence

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President Biden's administration is bracing for a wave of violence when the Supreme Court rules on Roe v. Wade in June, Fox News confirmed Wednesday.
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