America’s only hope is God, says Sean Feucht, Christian singer-activist: Nation is ‘morally bankrupt’

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Worship artist Sean Feucht of California plans a 50-state "Kingdom to the Capitol" tour in 2023 to pray in each state and influence change. He says God is nation's "only hope."
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Liberal magazine writer ‘thankful’ for abortions on Thanksgiving

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A liberal magazine shared testimonies on Thanksgiving from women who say they are thankful for their abortions, which allowed them to have opportunities.
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NPR airs interview suggesting doctors perform illegal abortions as ‘civil disobedience’

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NPR floated the idea of doctors performing acts of "civil disobedience" when it comes to providing abortions in states that have restricted the practice since Roe fell.
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Planned Parenthood worked on sex education curriculum that nukes women from teen pregnancy discussions

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A sex education guide Planned Parenthood worked on removes "female" from discussions on teen pregnancy to foster an "affirming" and "gender-inclusive" environment.
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Indianapolis doctor who provided abortion drugs to10-year-old rape victim defends her actions before a judge

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Dr. Caitlin Bernard testified at a trial regarding how she gave abortion pills to a 10-year-old. Bernard is trying to block the Indiana AG from accessing the girl's medical records.
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Abortion is ‘gruesome sign’ of what society has forgotten, says Catholic archbishop

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In the wake of the Dobbs decision, the pro-life work and advocacy of the Catholic Church is far from over, Church leaders said at the bishops' conference this week in Baltimore, Maryland.
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‘Slow-walked justice’: FBI insists it is prosecuting attacks on pro-life centers amid claims of politicization

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Months after an attack on a pro-life pregnancy center, the FBI offered a reward for info on the person who firebombed the facility -- after Republicans in Congress began asking questions
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I’m so grateful my birth mom chose life

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Seventeen years ago, my birth mother had an important decision to make. I'm glad she chose adoption, but I'm sure this was not an easy choice for her.
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Pro-abortion forces broke the bank to convince voters abortion extremism is normal. They failed.

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Pro-abortion forces broke the bank, spending $400 million to support abortion extremism. They failed and didn’t stop huge victories by pro-life governors.
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