DOJ is at Biden’s Delaware beach home. So why ignore the treasure trove of documents down the road?

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The FBI searched President Joe Biden's house in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware on Wednesday looking for more classified documents. They should also visit the Univ. of Delaware in their quest.
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House Judiciary meeting goes off the rails amid debate over rule to say pledge of allegiance

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The House Judiciary Committee broke into a tense debate over a rule to recite the pledge of allegiance at meetings, before it ultimately passed without opposition.
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George Santos takes dig at ‘career pathological liar’ Biden in new interview apology: ‘I’ve learned my lesson’

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Rep. George Santos, who is recusing himself from two House committee assignments, said he “learned my lesson” in a new interview while calling President Biden a “pathological liar.”
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These senators have the largest war chests heading into the 2024 election cycle

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While incumbent Independents and Democrat senators topped the list for the most cash on hand, GOP incumbents Sens. Rick Scott and Ted Cruz raised the most cash during the year-end quarter.
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GOP senators come to DeSantis’ defense after Trump called him ‘disloyal’

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Republicans are rushing to defend the Florida governor and rumored 2024 presidential contender Ron DeSantis, after Trump's most recent attacks against his GOP rival.
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DOJ search Biden Delaware beach home amid classified document investigation

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FBI agents visited President Biden's vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, on Wednesday to conduct a search for additional classified materials.
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FDA will not fire anyone over baby formula fiasco, chief says

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FDA Commissioner Robert Califf said Tuesday that no one at the agency will be reassigned or fired in the wake of last year's infant formula shortage and the FDA's delayed response.
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Feinstein raises under $600 as other California Senate candidates jump in

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California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein has raised less than $600 in the last three months, according to filings released Tuesday by the Federal Election Commission.
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