NASA steps up hunt for extraterrestrial life, will commission ‘absolutely necessary’ study on UFOs

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NASA will study unidentified aerial phenomena, or unidentified flying objects, to collect data and "move the scientific understanding" of UFOs forward.
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UFO Hearing: Ex-Navy fighter pilot Ryan Graves describes shapes, size of mysterious objects

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A former Navy fighter pilot told Fox News Tuesday that UFOs are endangering military aviators and pose a national security threat.
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Rep. Wenstrup warns UFO sightings are ‘national security concern’: ‘Need to continue to pursue this’

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Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, detailed his concerns after Congress held the first public UFO hearing in decades on 'Fox & Friends First'
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UFO Hearing: Pentagon shows declassified photos and video, clip of unexplainable floating object

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In one brief and shaky video, a small object appeared to zip past a military pilot. In a separate video and a similar photo taken at a different time, glowing triangles are seeing in the night sky.
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Congress holds historic public UFO hearing, as military struggles to understand ‘mystery’ flying phenomena

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The hearing on what the U.S. government officially calls "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" (UAP) comes after years of unexplained sightings, primarily by U.S. military personnel, of flying objects, which often had no "discernable" propulsion systems and unusual "movement patterns."
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