Federal judge orders Florida agency provide proof to support Medicaid ban on gender affirming care

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A federal judge has demanded the state of Florida show evidence proving that gender affirming care is not safe, as LGBT advocates fight to get surgeries covered by Medicaid.
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Biden’s surgeon general wants age limits for social media but not gender care. Where are the grown ups?

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U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy weighed in this week about children using social media. He is concerned about kids 13 and under. But what about 'gender affirming' care?
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TikTok star ‘Kurt the Cat’ sparks internet fame for owner Abram Engle, who encourages pet adoption

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TikTok celeb Abram Engle has gained nearly nine million followers with the help of his publicly beloved cat, Kurt. Engle tells Fox News Digital how saving the once-stray cat changed his life.
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Universal Studios’ new Mario Kart ride ripped for rules restricting plus-sized visitors

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Universal Studios Hollywood's Mario Kart ride at Super Nintendo World was both praised and condemned after it was revealed to have size limitations for some rides.
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