On this day in history, Dec. 2, 1823, President Monroe touts doctrine defending Western Hemisphere

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President James Monroe issue the Monroe Doctrine, a muscular defense of American interests in the Western Hemisphere, on this day in history, Dec. 2, 1823.
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World Cup 2022: FIFA charges Ecuador over fan chants at opening match

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Alleged discriminatory chants by fans during a World Cup opening round match prompted FIFA officials to slap the Ecuadorian soccer federation with charges.
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Fewer Venezuelans are attempting to illegally cross the US border as numbers of Cubans rises

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The U.S. saw its third highest month of attempted illegal immigration since Biden’s presidency. While Venezuelan migrants are declining, more Cubans are attempting to cross the border.
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Peru pollution protest: 10 Americans on tourist riverboat held hostage, released

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At least 10 Americans held hostage this week in Peru have been released after tourists became embroiled in an action by indigenous groups to stop oil spills.
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