China’s communists rip TikTok critics as ‘racist,’ but we can’t fall for it

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As TikTok faces further regulatory consequences in America, including a potential outright ban, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is pushing predictably bad-faith propaganda: they’re calling its critics' racist conspiracy theorists
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Schiff vents at Musk for blowing off Democrats in recent Capitol tour: Pursuing his ‘vanity project’

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According to Politico, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., is frustrated over Twitter CEO Elon Musk choosing to visit only GOP lawmakers during his recent trip to Capitol Hill.
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Resolution introduced to relist Nigeria as a ‘country of particular concern’ for Christian persecution

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Pressure is mounting on the Biden administration to relist Nigeria as a "country of particular concern," having omitted it in 2021 and 2022. The country's Christians face threats of murder and violence.
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How a group of Democrats and Republicans could bypass McCarthy and lift the debt ceiling

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The House and Senate are at a standstill over passing the same bill to raise the debt ceiling and avoid a fiscal crisis and possible global economic meltdown.
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Democrat wants to expand House of Representatives by 150 seats to create smaller voting districts

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A House Democrat says there aren't enough House members to represent a growing U.S. population, and is proposing the addition of 150 more lawmakers to the House chamber.
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Stefanik, Rounds lead bipartisan bill to prevent China, foreign adversaries from buying into US agriculture

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GOP lawmakers in both chambers of Congress are leading a bipartisan bill to prevent American adversaries from buying into the U.S. agriculture industry.
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Gun control lobby’s latest demands show the goal is to strip Americans of their 2A rights, NRA says

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The National Rifle Association warned that the latest list of demands from the gun control lobby show the goal is to remove the right to own firearms in the U.S.
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GOP opposes remote committee work for health reasons, while agreeing to ‘work with’ Raskin amid cancer battle

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House Oversight Committee chair James Comer led opposition to a rule amendment to allow members to work remotely for health reasons, while noting that exceptions can be made.
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Top Dem sets sights on Trump and Pence, demanding visitor log info after classified docs found at homes

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The top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee on Tuesday asked the U.S. Secret Service for all visitor information at the homes of former President Trump and former Vice President Pence.
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