Chicago construction workers accused of stealing from burned high-rise

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Two employees of a company hired to restore a Chicago high-rise damaged in a recent fire were arrested for allegedly stealing $19,000 and jewelry from a unit in the building.
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LA officials were trying to investigate a battery suspect when a fire erupted on the building

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California police were investigating a suspect for battery when a fire erupted at a Los Angeles apartment building. The man allegedly assaulted his sister and threw items at the cops.
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Alabama underground landfill fire will cost EPA $2.8M to snuff out

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The Alabama underground landfill fire will cost the Environmental Protection Agency $2.8M to put out. The fund will come from the EPA's regional money for emergency response.
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Deadly Chicago high-rise fire was accidental, authorities say

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A fire at a Chicago high-rise apartment building was reportedly accidental and caused by "careless use of smoking materials," according to local authorities.
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