Minneapolis teachers’ union educates about racism by embracing racial discrimination

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Minneapolis teachers’ union, school system sign contract that lets them discriminate against White teachers and fire them simply because of their race.
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Minnesota residents furious over ‘anti-racist’ layoff plan for White teachers: ‘It’s un-American’

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Take Charge Minnesota ambassador Kofi Montzka and former Republican Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Kendall Qualls call a school district's 'anti-racist' layoff policy "repugnant."
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Coalition of charter schools sue the Biden administration’s Dept. of Education over new regulations

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The complaint filed in a federal court in Michigan challenges the Biden administration’s newly implemented hurdles on federal funding for charter schools.
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NEA teachers union promotes book about teenagers taking a knee to National Anthem

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The National Education Association promoted a book about teenagers kneeling for the National Anthem for teachers to use in classrooms with young adults.
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Randi Weingarten blasts ‘right-wing extremists’ for fighting ‘culture wars’ in conference speech

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American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten sounded off on “right-wing extremists” on Twitter, claiming public schools are “foundational” to American education.
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Mom who moved from NYC over vaccine mandates slams teachers’ unions: ‘Playing chess with kids’ lives’

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A new bombshell report shows that the Biden administration's Department of Education has ties to teachers' unions, liberal think tanks, and his own campaign for president.
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Dems, union leaders responsible for school lockdowns face few repercussions, despite evidence that kids harmed

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Despite studies saying the COVID-19 school lockdowns had catastrophic effects on children, the Democrats responsible for keeping schools closed have yet to be held accountable.
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Lara Trump rips Weingarten’s reelection: She cares about her far-left agenda, not kids

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Fox News contributor Lara Trump reacts to Weingarten being reelected as president of the American Federation of Teachers and slams her "far-left agenda."
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School choice winning but teachers union empire striking back

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The school choice movement is making gains but efforts in Arizona and West Virginia show that opponents haven't given up defending their education monopoly.
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