Liberal dark money group forms to push back against anti-CRT efforts in schools across the country

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Campaign for Our Shared Future, a supposedly "grassroots" and "non-partisan" organization, was quietly launched to fight back against anti-critical race theory efforts across the US.
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Laws banning critical race theory: Experts weigh in on benefits, concerns of education laws across the country

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Experts cited concern about laws specifically banning critical race theory, and applauded parents who are getting involved in their students' education.
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Biden, Pelosi, other top Dems sent kids to private school but oppose school choice

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Dozens of elected Democrats who have criticized or actively opposed private school choice measures have personally benefited in some way from private schooling.
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Education consultant uses critical race theory to train school teachers, staff according to documents

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Documents obtained by America First Legal show several school trainings by the Pacific Educational Group include critical race theory and explanations of "Whiteness."
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Ohio governor signs law allowing teachers, school staff to carry guns with 24 hours of training

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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed House Bill 99 into law Monday, drastically reducing the required training for teachers, principals and staff to carry firearms at schools.
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