Texas teacher bragging about ‘indoctrinating the youth’ interviews middle school kids on non-binary identity

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A Texas teacher – who goes by 'Mx.' – bragged about 'indoctrinating the youth' on TikTok and interrogated students on a non-binary identity
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South Carolina teaching program strives to boost ranks of Black teachers

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A South Carolina program, Men of CHS Teach, places new teachers in elementary classrooms to help males get teaching licenses. The program hopes to hire 20 male teachers of color within five years.
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University of Nebraska-Lincoln to consider changing fee policy after Christian group sues over discrimination

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The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is considering to change its policy on how fees are distributed after being accused of discrimination by a Christian group.
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Oregon school district sparks outrage, moves meetings online as parents air concerns about gender ideology

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Oregon's North Clackamas School District came under fire from parents after moving board meetings online and allegedly silencing dissenting opinions.
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