Princeton University course says that ‘far right activists’ are using ‘free speech’ to justify ‘hate speech’

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One Princeton University course description for the upcoming fall states that "far right activists" are using "free speech" to justify "hate speech."
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Oberlin College’s ‘Professor of Peace’ endorsed fatwa to murder Salman Rushdie

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An anti-American professor of Islamic studies in Ohio endorsed the the Iranian regime's fatwa to murder U.S. writer Rushdie and celebrated the deaths of US military personnel.
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Philadelphia school district mandates masks for first 10 days of school year, pre-k must mask up all year

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A Philadelphia school district is requiring that all students and staff mask-up for the first 10 days of the school year, and pre-K will wear masks indefinitely.
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Blog post on teachers union website claims parents ‘make it their job to undermine’ teachers

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A blog post about why teachers choose their profession on a website run by the American Federation of Teachers claimed there are parents who "make it their job" to undermine teachers.
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California Department of Education advocates books promoting gender transitions to kindergartners

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The California Department of Education recommended books promoting gender ideology to kindergartners as part of their "curriculum and instruction resources" on their website.
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Ted Cruz blasts Randi Weingarten for claiming conservatives are trying to ‘undermine’ teachers: ‘Toxic’

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At the Club for Growth School Freedom Forum, Sen. Ted Cruz and others blasted Randi Weingarten and big teachers unions for their attitude toward parents.
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