Texas lawmakers want feds to reimburse states for the high cost of Biden’s border crisis

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Texas lawmakers say the federal government should reimburse states and communities for the money they've spent on the federal priority of securing the border.
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Texas Democrat judge urged to apologize for ‘irresponsible’ testimony at House border hearing

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Former El Paso City Councilwoman Claudia Rodriguez responds to a Texas Democrat judge saying it's racist to describe the migrant crisis as an invasion.
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Ranchers warn disease that would ‘decimate’ the cattle industry could cross the southern border

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Ranchers warn that Foot and Mouth Disease, a highly contagious virus affecting livestock like cows and sheep, could cross the southern border on someone's boot.
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High-speed pursuit of 12-year-old, 15-year-old migrant smugglers ends in shocking car crash

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Two teenagers led Texas law enforcement on a chase while smuggling an illegal immigrant before vaulting onto a highway and wrecking the vehicle after losing control.
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Human trafficking victim recounts horrors of life at the mercy of criminals

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A victim of human trafficking describes the brutal and incessant torture she endured while spending four years at the mercy of pimps and criminals in Mexico.
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Texas Rep. Chip Roy slams Democrat judge who said it’s racist to describe border crisis as an invasion

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Rep. Chip Roy of Texas on Wednesday criticized an El Paso County judge for suggesting that wanting to secure the southern border was racist.
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Fox News Poll: More see border situation as security crisis than humanitarian crisis

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the latest Fox News Poll finds sizable majorities concerned about illegal immigration and nearly half see the situation as a national security crisis.
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Texas mom who lost son to fentanyl pleads with Biden to secure the border: American lives ‘need to come first’

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Janel Rodriguez urged the Biden administration to secure the border after her son died from fentanyl poisoning that was brought into the U.S. illegally from Mexico.
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Chinese nationals captured after crossing into Texas illegally, paid smugglers $35K each

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Three nationals were apprehended in Mission, Texas on Tuesday after each paying $35,000 to be smuggled illegally across the U.S.-Mexico border.
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