Around 20 juvenile inmates break loose inside troubled Louisiana facility during ‘uprising’: sheriff’s dept

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In the latest breach at a beleaguered juvenile detention center in Bridge City, Louisiana, around 20 inmates broke loose inside the facility, prompting a SWAT response. An employee and two juvenile inmates were taken to a hospital.
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Louisiana ready for hurricane season with stronger levee system, new rescue equipment for first responders

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First responders along the Gulf Coast have new equipment for rescues after hurricanes and other severe storms to supplement New Orleans' completed levee system.
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New Orleans Democratic councilman fed up with crime, street stunts: ‘This is not Gotham City’

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New Orleans city councilman Oliver Thomas warned his city will no longer tolerate illegal street stunts as crime cripples cities across the country.
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Seniors living on the streets: Rising rents, inflation push more elderly people out of their homes

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More seniors are living on the streets. Homeless agencies across the country say it's an alarming new trend because of rising rents and inflation.
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New Orleans Police suffer staffing shortage amid crime spike: ‘better chance of calling Ghostbusters’

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The New Orleans Police Department is reportedly suffering from a staffing shortage as the city deals with an unprecedented spike in crime in recent years.
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