NY church launches suit against ‘discriminatory’ law banning guns in houses of worship but not secular sites

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First Liberty Institute and law firm Clement & Murphy filed a lawsuit on behalf of His Tabernacle Family Church over New York's ban on firearms in houses of worship.
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Lawmakers get into hallway shouting match over gun violence as Democrat calls Republicans ‘cowards’

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Reps. Thomas Massie and Jamal Bowman got into a heated shouting match over gun control on Wednesday, with the two going toe-to-toe for journalists' cameras.
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Kyle Rittenhouse testifies in support of North Dakota self-defense bill bolstering Second Amendment rights

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Kyle Rittenhouse testified before a North Dakota committee Tuesday in favor of HB 1213, which seeks restitution for defendants found not guilty of violent crimes due to self-defense.
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Democrats reintroduce gun safety legislation immediately following Nashville school shooting

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Democratic lawmakers have renewed an effort to fund research at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that would track gun violence and study firearm safety following the Nashville school shooting.
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Biden makes multiple Second Amendment claims in wake of Nashville shooting, but reality isn’t so clear-cut

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President Biden addressed the Nashville, Tennessee, school shooting during a speech on Tuesday, omitting some nuance about the Second Amendment in the process.
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Nashville school shooting blamed on Republicans, gun culture by media: ‘GOP gun rights fantasy’

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Several media outlets decided to put the blame for the Nashville elementary school shooting on Republicans and supporters of the Second Amendment.
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Nashville school shooting could have been avoided, Parkland dad says: ‘Parents need to wake up”

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Andrew Pollack, whose daughter was killed in the 2018 Parkland school shooting, outlined a school safety plan in light of the mass shooting at a private Christian school in Tennessee.
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