Florida courthouse janitor, 72, who is diabetic, accidentally locked in cell over weekend: ‘I prayed to God’

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A janitor who was accidentally trapped inside a courthouse cell for three nights last weekend said she held onto her faith to get her through her ordeal.
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Catholic school students kicked out of Smithsonian museum in DC over pro-life beanies

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12 Catholic school students and their chaperones were removed from The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum after refusing to remove their pro-life beanies.
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‘Anti-religious bigotry’: Nebraska Dem’s amdt. would ban kids from vacation Bible schools, church youth groups

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A Nebraska Democrat was accused of "anti-religious bigotry" after introducing an amendment to ban children from church youth groups in response to GOP attempts to ban minors from drag shows.
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Cindy Williams shared her faith in God: ‘Power that was unconditionally good’

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The actress Cindy Williams died in Los Angeles, her family announced. Among the legacies she left the world, aside from her acting, was a belief in God that she shared in books and interviews.
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Nashville father reveals how a crisis turned into a miracle: ‘Forever grateful’

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Carlos Whittaker of Nashville is author of a new book, "How to Human," which aims to bring people together again. Fox News Digital asked him three questions — and shares a revealing excerpt from the book.
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