Republican lawmaker’s campaign office, pro-life center vandalized: ‘Domestic terrorist group’

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An office building shared by a pro-life organization and a GOP campaign office was vandalized in an attack that appears to be linked to the pro-choice extremist group Jane’s Revenge.
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Congressman believes abortion rights activists are responsible for Michigan office damage

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A U.S. representative believes abortion rights activists are responsible for vandalizing a Michigan building his campaign office shares with pregnancy center.
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Oxford High School shooting: Judge orders release of surveillance video

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A Michigan judge has ordered the release of surveillance footage and police reports from the November 2021 Oxford High School shooting in attorney Ven Johnson's lawsuit.
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Michigan pregnancy center vandalized, nearby business also damaged

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A crisis pregnancy center in Michigan was targeted for vandalism this week, suffering broken windows and threatening graffiti written in red spray paint.
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MI fire damages a hotel and several other businesses in northern Oakland County Village

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A fire in Oakland County, Michigan, damaged several businesses in the historic downtown area. Five firefighters required medical treatment after battling the blaze.
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Pro-life org, congressman’s campaign office vandalized in Jane’s Revenge-linked attack

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Pro-abortion extremist group Jane's Revenge appeared to vandalize the office building housing both the pro-life group Jackson Right to Life and Rep. Tim Walberg's campaign office.
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Michigan state park closes swimming area following multiple near drownings

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Following many near drownings at Grand Haven State Park in Michigan the swimming area will now be closing. Water conditions for swimming will be reevaluated on Wednesday.
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Michigan Gov. Whitmer asks Biden to pause federal gas tax after vetoing state gas tax holiday

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Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vetoed a gas tax holiday in her state, but now wants President Biden to pause the federal gas tax, as inflation soars nationwide.
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