Mom suing school district for ignoring FOIA of gender, ethnic curriculum calls on schools to work with parents

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A mom in Rochester, Michigan is suing her school district for ignoring FOIA requests she submitted, requesting curriculum for a Gender and Ethnic Studies high school class.
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Wisconsin father-son duo thank America’s military heroes from the ‘bottom of our heart’

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Wisconsin-based Shane Henderson and his son, Justis Henderson, told Fox News Digital how they're continuing to give back to America's heroes through Metal Art of Wisconsin — and why they do it.
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Laurie ‘Bambi’ Bembenek, a Playboy bunny turned cop accused of murder, explored in podcast: ‘I was amazed’

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Laurie “Bambi” Bembenek, Wisconsin’s most famous runaway fugitive, insisted until her death in 2010 that she did not kill her husband's ex-wife. Her story is the subject of a true-crime podcast.
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Milwaukee Bucks cancel Game 7 watch party after three shootings near stadium leave 21 injured

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The Milwaukee Bucks have canceled a Game 7 watch party after three separate shootings near the team's stadium after a game on Friday night.
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