Four suspects busted for allegedly looting in Florida after Hurricane Ian

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Four Floridians were busted for allegedly looting in Lee County, Florida, in the wake of Hurricane Ian. Their arrests come after officials warned about a "zero-tolerance" policy.
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National Guard brings supplies to islands cut off from Florida after Hurricane Ian

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Pine Island's only bridge to the mainland was destroyed by Hurricane Ian, and residents are effectively stuck. The Florida National Guard is flying in supplies by helicopter.
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MSNBC guest blames DeSantis’ COVID attitude on ‘wearing masks’ for Lee County’s late evacuation order

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Journalist Michael Grunwald implied that Lee County’s hesitation to order an evacuation came from Gov. Ron DeSantis’, R-Fla., attitude towards COVID masks and vaccines.
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DeSantis and Rubio hold strong leads in Florida gubernatorial, Senate races, up by double digits with Latinos

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A new poll shows Republicans Marco Rubio and Ron DeSantis with strong leads over Democratic opponents in their respective races for Senate and governor.
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NY Times’ Maggie Haberman blasted for blaming ‘delayed’ Hurricane Ian evacuation for ‘massive death toll’

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New York Times’ Maggie Haberman faced backlash for blaming “delayed” evacuation orders for a “massive death toll” after Hurricane Ian hit Florida on Wednesday.
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Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz wore a backpack to his Florida school emblazoned with a racial slur

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Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz roamed the halls of the Florida school wearing an orange backpack emblazoned with a racial slur and a swastika about 16 months before the deadly rampage.
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Florida’s Lee County expects power to be out for a month at Fort Myers Beach following Hurricane Ian

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Lee County Manager Roger Desjarlais warned residents Monday that Fort Myers Beach is a dangerous place to be at the moment and power may not be back for at least a month.
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California’s new bill that punishes doctors for COVID ‘misinformation’ is ‘chilling’ and ‘dangerous:’ Turley

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Legal scholar Jonathan Turley ripped into California's new law that would punish doctors for COVID "misinformation" and possibly suspend their medical licenses.
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Florida man who raped his wife, cross-examined her at trial, gets life in prison

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The deranged Florida husband who kidnaped, raped and tried to kill the mother of his five children in a failed murder-suicide plot will spend the rest of his life in prison.
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Lisa Boothe, ‘Outnumbered’ sound off on liberal media pundits taking shots at DeSantis: ‘Idiotic’

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Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe sounded off on liberal media criticism of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on 'Outnumbered' Monday after Hurricane Ian devastated his state.
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