Louisiana man accused of raping a woman then getting custody of their child says ‘it’s a lie’

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Louisiana dad John Barnes says he didn't rape Crysta Abelseth, with whom he shares a 15-year-old daughter, and that Judge Jeffrey Cache was justified in giving him custody.
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Around 20 juvenile inmates break loose inside troubled Louisiana facility during ‘uprising’: sheriff’s dept

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In the latest breach at a beleaguered juvenile detention center in Bridge City, Louisiana, around 20 inmates broke loose inside the facility, prompting a SWAT response. An employee and two juvenile inmates were taken to a hospital.
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LA contractor arrested after camera is found in vent following repairs

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A contractor in Louisiana was arrested after homeowner found a camera in their vents following repairs from Hurricane Ida. A red light indicated the camera was still recording.
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LA man found guilty of breaking another man’s jaw after throwing beer bottle

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A 23-year-old man in Louisiana threw a half full beer bottle at another man while in a bar. He was found guilty of second degree battery.
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Woman says she was forced to give up daughter to alleged rapist — and pay child support

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A Louisiana judge allegedly gave accused rapist John Barnes custody of a daughter who was the product of rape and ordered Crysta Abelseth to pay him child support: report
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Steve Scalise, 5 years after baseball shooting, thanks God and ‘heroes’ for saving his life

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Five years after the shooting that saw him hospitalized and fighting for his life, Scalise spoke to Fox News Digital about his health and the current political climate.
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Steve Scalise calls out Democrats, Biden DOJ, says Supreme Court justices remain ‘under threat’

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House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., said Supreme Court justices are still under threat, calling for action by Congress and the Justice Department.
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Court lifts hold on Louisiana congressional redistricting

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The federal appeals court recently lifted its hold on a congressional redistricting for the state of Louisiana. The governor of Louisiana called it "a big step in the right direction."
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