NC felon sentenced to 10 years in prison after shooting at deputy

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A North Carolina man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after being charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. The man shot a rifle at a sheriff's deputy.
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North Carolina pregnancy center defiant after pro-abortion vandalism: ‘Spiritual warfare’

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A Christian crisis pregnancy center in Asheville, North Carolina, said they are unafraid despite the vandalism of their building and threats from a radical pro-abortion group.
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North Carolina ‘monster’ admits to killing four women: ‘He has earned every day of his life sentence’

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Daniel Printz of Bostic, North Carolina, will spend his life in prison without parole for the kidnappings and killings of four women dating back to 2017.
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Charlotte Juneteenth shooting: $47k reward to identify suspects in 2020 attack that left 4 dead

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Officials are offering a $47,000 reward for information identifying suspects responsible for a 2020 Juneteenth shooting that left four dead in Charlotte, North Carolina.
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NC elevators to require life-saving space guards with new safety protocols

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Elevators in the state of North Carolina are becoming much safer for users. Life-saving space guards and other features may soon be required in all rentals.
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Black bear euthanized after attacking family at Tennessee campground, injuring mother and daughter

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National Park Service officials said they euthanized a black bear that had broken into a family's tent in Tennessee and injured a mother and her daughter.
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