Biden admin. names Nevada toad endangered, hampering construction of geothermal plant

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Nevada's Dixie Valley toad, which is at the center of a legal battle over a geothermal construction project, has been declared an endangered species by officials.
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Biden faces backlash from Democrats in Iowa, New Hampshire against making South Carolina first primary state

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Democrats in New Hampshire and Iowa are voicing concerns about President Biden's plan to reshuffle the Democratic Party's primary election calendar.
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Ex-convict gets at least 18 years after NV police find the severed head of his friend in stolen car

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Ex-convict Eric Holland was sentenced to at least 18 years after Vegas authorities found coolers containing his friend’s severed head and dismembered body in a stolen car.
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Sunken Gold Rush treasures recovered from 1857 shipwreck to be held in Reno auction

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Hundreds of Gold Rush-era artifacts will be held at an auction in Reno, Nevada. The treasures were recovered from the “Ship of Gold” which sank in an 1857 hurricane.
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Democrats on the verge of upending their 2024 presidential nominating calendar

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Democratic Party officials gathering the nation’s capital this week on a mission to revamp the top of their 2024 presidential nominating calendar, booting Iowa from the lead off slot
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South Korea-born Black woman appointed to NV Supreme Court

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Patricia Lee, a Black woman born in South Korea, has been appointed to Nevada’s Supreme Court. She is the first Asian American and Black woman to serve the state’s highest court.
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Enoki mushrooms linked to Listeria outbreak in two states: public health officials

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Enoki mushrooms contaminated with Listeria have made people sick, according to public health officials. Two people — one in Nevada, one in Michigan — were hospitalized. Here's what to know.
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Area 51 website owner who says armed feds raided his homes speaks out: ‘It could be your door next’

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The owner of an Area 51 website says federal agents raided two of his homes, busted down his door, and "manhandled" him investigating a crime he is still not aware of.
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