Idaho investigators rule out connection between college murders and other unsolved stabbings

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Detectives looking into a quadruple homicide of a group of University of Idaho students have ruled out a connection between the attack and two other similar stabbings.
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Washington double homicide suspect possibly involved in third deadly shooting

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Paul Snider, the suspected shooter of a double homicide in Tacoma, Washington, could be responsible for a third deadly shooting in a nearby town.
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Washington Supreme Court denies shorter sentence to Black man who killed at age 17

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The Washington Supreme Court has denied to reconsider the 61-year sentence of a Black man who killed a person while he was a minor, despite criticism that the ruling was racially bias.
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Washington state motorcycle officer dies from injuries after vehicle collision

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Bellevue Police Motorcycle Officer Jordan Jackson, 34, died of his injuries after authorities say a car struck his motorcycle during a collision early Monday.
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Man allegedly carjacks semi-trailer, rolls truck, prompts WA police to shoot

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A pedestrian has been accused of stealing a semi-truck before rolling the vehicle and halting traffic on Interstate 5 in Olympia, Washington.
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