Current, former Arkansas high school students identified as 5 killed in Wyoming wrong-way crash

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Five current and former students from Sylvan Hills High School in the Little Rock, Arkansas, area have been identified as the 5 dead in a wrong-way crash.
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Wyoming highway crash caused by wrong-way driver leaves 5 dead

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A Wyoming highway crash caused by a wrong-way driver left five dead and seriously injured others. Officials stated that the cause of the crash was driving while impaired.
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Idaho snowboarder injured in Wyoming avalanche, swept 600 feet into Death Canyon

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A snowboarder from Idaho was injured Monday when an avalanche swept him 600 feet downhill into Death Valley at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, officials said.
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Wyoming Gov. Gordon encourages lawmakers to save, ‘make hay’ amid budget surplus

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Republican Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon used his State of the State address to attempt to discourage lawmakers from increasing state spending amid a large budget surplus.
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Wyoming Highway Patrol compares winter storm to Antarctica as it responds to hundreds of calls

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The Wyoming Highway Patrol has released a video showing the wintry weather conditions its troopers have been dealing with while responding to hundreds of calls during a winter storm.
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Temperature in Wyoming drops 40 degrees in a half hour as wind chills freeze US, break records

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Temperatures in parts of Wyoming and Colorado saw record-breaking drops in less than an hour as an Arctic chill grips large swathes of the U.S. ahead of Christmas.
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Yellowstone National Park: Things to do and see, where to stay, and more

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Yellowstone National Park is mostly in northwestern Wyoming and parts of Montana and Idaho. The park is filled with a stunning collection of hot springs, geysers, campsites and animals.
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On this day in history, Dec. 10, 1869, Wyoming is first territory to grant women the right to vote

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Wyoming territory legislators passed and signed a bill into law allowing women the right to vote on this day in history, Dec. 10, 1869. Wyoming led the nation in doing so.
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Snow, rain and ice expected in Western US before storm heads to Midwest

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The West will get hit with heavy snow, rain and ice this week before the storm heads to the Midwest, while other parts of the U.S. are facing a thunderstorm risk.
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