US Army veteran recalls night 101st Airborne Division was ambushed by one of its own before Iraq invasion

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Retired Army Command Sgt. Maj. Bart Womack described the night when a comrade attacked his fellow soldiers in Kuwait as they prepared for the Iraq invasion.
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Diversity professor accused of verbally attacking students after terrorism remark cleared of any wrongdoing

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George Washington University said it was standing by its diversity professor, Lara Sheehi, after a civil rights complaint to the U.S. Department of Education alleged she fostered a hostile environment to Jewish people.
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Mossad thwarts ‘imminent’ attack on Jewish restaurant in Greece, ‘extensive’ loss of life

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that Mossad helped Greek authorities thwart a planned attack on at least one Jewish site in Athens.
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France refuses to extradite far-left Italian terrorists who have eluded justice since 1980s

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A French court has declined to extradite ten convicted left-wing terrorists to their native Italy for their roles in decades-old attacks.
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Jamaican man arrested in NY on terrorism charges, accused of recruiting support for the Islamic State Group

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A Jamaican man was accused of recruiting support for the Islamic State Group. The man was extradited to New York where he faces terrorism charges.
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Top Pakistani intelligence officer assassinated by suspected Taliban militants

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Suspected Taliban militants reportedly ambushed a vehicle carrying Pakistani Brig. Mustafa Burki, a top intelligence officer, killing both him and his driver.
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Belarus discovers arsenal of weapons intended for ‘terrorist’ attacks

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Belarus discovered an arsenal of weapons that were intended for terrorist attacks. The country's security forces found them two days after killing an alleged terrorism suspect near the Polish border.
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Belarus tightens border security with Poland after alleged terrorist killed in shootout

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Belarus authorities have stepped up their security along the border with Poland after an alleged terrorist was killed in a shootout. Police did not identify the suspect's nationality.
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ISIS sympathizer threatened to turn St. Patrick’s Day parade into ‘horror scene,’ kill ‘fat rat mayor’

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Ridon Kola, 32, was arrested and charged in federal court with making threatening interstate communications, including turning a crowded New York St. Patrick's Day parade into a "horror scene" and killing cops
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