Will monkeypox become another COVID or HIV?

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Monkeypox has been reported in over 20,000 people in 75 countries, but there are reasons to believe it doesn't have the same potential as COVID or HIV.
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White House COVID Adviser addresses current Monkeypox threat level

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White House COVID-19 Adviser Ashish Jha said the U.S. will wait and observe how the virus continues to spread before declaring a domestic state of emergency.
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North Korea claims near victory over COVID, WHO casts doubts on claim

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North Korea's news agency claims that the vast majority of COVID patients in the country have recovered, even as other Asian countries are battling a wave of Omicron cases.
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West Virginia detects first probable case of monkeypox

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The first probable case of monkeypox in the state of West Virginia has been discovered. The state WV Department of Health said the case involves a resident of Berkeley County
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