Biden attending G7, NATO summits amid ‘the most serious security situation in decades’

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President Biden this week will travel to Germany for the G7 summit and Spain for the NATO summit as Russia seeks to test the alliance's resolve. A senior administration official described “the most serious security situation in decades.”
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Electrical transformers near G7 summit tampered with, German police say

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German authorities have spotted alleged electrical tampering at the site of the upcoming G7 summit where leaders will hear virtually from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.
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NATO looks to Germany for plan to beef up defenses in Europe’s eastern flank

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NATO nations look to beef up defenses in Eastern Europe by following a proposed German plan to counter Russia's continued aggression amid its war in Ukraine.
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German intel report shows Iran stepped up illegal attempts to aid nuke program

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A new report from a German intelligence agency shows Iran stepped up its activities to procure proliferation-related material for its nuclear program.
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Citadel CEO says energy policy in the US and Europe is a ‘train wreck’

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Citadel CEO Ken Griffen criticized the U.S. and Europe's energy policies as a 'train wreck' and called Germany's energy dependence on Russia 'sheer insanity'.
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Hacked Xinjiang files reveal China’s Uyghur genocide details: ‘Just kill them’

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The U.K. and Germany condemned China after documents leaked revealing more details of human rights abuses in Xinjiang.
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China’s Xi takes swipe at US aid to Ukraine: Europe should take security ‘in their own hands’

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Chinese President Xi Jinping took a thinly veiled swipe at the U.S. Tuesday over its involvement in aiding Ukraine amid Russia’s deadly invasion.
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