Holocaust survivor Shlomo Perel, the inspiration for an internationally renowned film, dies at 98

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A man who survived the Holocaust and was the inspiration for a world-renowned film died at the age of 98. Shlomo Perel was born in 1925 to a Jewish family in Germany.
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Israel investigating if Biden administration violated international law in sending artifact to West Bank

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Israel's Heritage Ministry is investigating whether the U.S. State Department violated any international orders after it repatriated a historical artifact to the Palestinian Authority.
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SEAN HANNITY: Ilhan Omar ousted from committee because of terrible behavior, anti-Semitic rhetoric

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Fox News host Sean Hannity recalls some of Rep. Ilhan Omar's controversial statements following her removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
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American tourist arrested for vandalizing Jesus statue at Old City church in Jerusalem

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The tourist broke a statue of Jesus Christ in a church believed to be where He received His cross and was whipped by Roman soldiers ahead of His crucifixion.
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Israel’s West Bank population reaches over 500K, settlers predict faster population growth with new government

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The population of the West Bank in Israel has reached over 500,000. The West Bank's population has risen nearly 16% over the past five years.
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Diversity professor verbally attacks student after being triggered by term ‘terrorist attack’: complaint

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George Washington University Professor Dr. Lara Sheehi verbally attacked a student for speaking out against terror attacks on civilians, according to a complaint filed.
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NY Education Commissioner under fire over ‘egregious distortions of history’ in exam questions about Israel

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Two questions on a recent New York Regents standardized exam have upset Jewish leaders due to how they gave "false choices" to questions about Israeli history.
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