AP spotlights abortion providers’ fears over Supreme Court decision amid attacks on pregnancy center

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The Associated Press reported on a “heightened alert” for abortion providers in anticipation of an upcoming Supreme Court decision that could overturn Roe v. Wade.
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Jeffrey Toobin argues, ‘There’s a lot of right-wing terrorism in this country,’ ignores left-wing violence

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CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin claimed on Wednesday that there is pervasive “right-wing violence" and "terrorism" throughout the country, ignoring recent left-wing attacks.
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Denver district attorney claims blaming liberal prosecutors for rising crime has ‘no basis in reality’

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Denver district attorney Beth McCann penned a Denver Post op-ed that attacked Republican critics of progressive criminal prosecutors and claims that they are driving higher crime rates.
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NPR blasted for report on school closure consequences two years later: ‘They *should* have anticipated this’

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NPR was attacked on Twitter for promoting an article reporting on the consequences of school closures more than two years after the coronavirus pandemic originally began.
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Supreme Court: Columnist torched for tweets trying to incite backlash against ruling on religious schools

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The Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali was blasted on Twitter for a series of tweets attacking the recent Supreme Court decision on Tuesday in favor of religious freedom.
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Adopted Washington Post op-ed writer: ‘I wish my birth mother’ had ‘a real choice’ to abort me

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A Washington Post opinion piece argued that pro-life advocates should stop hiding behind adoption as a solution for abortions if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.
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