Arizona grandma, man she mistakenly texted, to share Thanksgiving for 7th straight year since 2016

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Wanda Dench and Jamal Hinton of Phoenix, Arizona, will gather for their seventh Thanksgiving dinner since 2016 when Dench mistakenly invited Hinton to her holiday gathering via text.
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Best hometown bars in America for Thanksgiving Eve celebrations

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Fox News Digital’s staff shares their picks for the neighborhood restaurants and bars in America where you can grab a cold one with locals over Thanksgiving and beyond.
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Dog goes viral after TikTok video shows it’s overlooked at NY adoption event

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Bob Parr, a 3-year-old white terrier, touched the hearts of millions after a now-viral TikTok video showed him being passed up at an dog adoption event in Brooklyn, New York.
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Labrador retriever mix rescued from Texas and now in New York needs a loving home

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Nine-year-old Labrador retriever mix named Ethel Mertz is available for adoption at Badass Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, New York, after the dog was taken from Dallas, Texas, during a rescue mission.
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‘Banned’ Halloween costumes over time as eBay removes Jeffrey Dahmer-inspired outfit

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Here's a look at Halloween costumes that were or are reportedly banned, as eBay tells Fox News Digital of its ban against selling Jeffrey Dahmer-inspired Halloween costumes.
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NY teacher, US Coast Guard member who lost an eye won’t allow ‘freak accident’ to define his life

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TJ Foley of New York was operating machinery in his garage when it exploded, causing him to lose all vision in one eye. Foley is a member of the of the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve and a teacher.
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Cursive writing in American schools: Here’s where this ‘dying art’ is still taught and why it matters

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Learning to write in cursive may no longer be popular in American schools, but education experts stress that the craft can be beneficial to students in more ways than one.
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What are ‘angel numbers’ and why do people keep seeing them?

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What are angel numbers and the meanings behind them? It depends. Some say they see reoccurring numbers in pattern form — and are confident a guardian angel has come to visit.
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Hurricane Ian slams Florida as schools act as shelters: ‘Ready to accept anyone with open arms,’ teacher says

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De'Quan Wilson, a 4th grade teacher in Hillsborough County, shared details with Fox News Digital as his school evolves into a shelter due to Hurricane Ian — see the photos.
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