YouTube Kids defends content with drag children, discussions on consent and White privilege

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A review of content accessible on YouTube Kids found videos on topics like gender pronouns, transgenderism, privilege, activism, sexuality, drag and more.
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Netflix users threaten to cancel subscriptions over account sharing crackdown: ‘Guess we’re not watching’

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Netflix is facing backlash online after 'errantly' revealing plans to restrict subscribers from sharing passwords with users outside of the home location.
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Missouri AG demands schools ban drag shows with new resolution: ‘Education not indoctrination’

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Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, R., explains in an interview why he's demanding schools prohibit drag queens from engaging with school-age children.
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Catholic school students kicked out of Smithsonian museum in DC over pro-life beanies

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12 Catholic school students and their chaperones were removed from The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum after refusing to remove their pro-life beanies.
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Classic Jane Austen novel hit with ‘gender stereotyping’ trigger warning by London university

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The University of Greenwich in London, England has added a trigger warning for "gender stereotyping" to the classic Jane Austen novel Northanger Abbey.
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CNN climate correspondent touts study predicting global ‘doom’ and ‘death sentence’ for island nations

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CNN Chief Climate Correspondent Bill Weir said a new study utilizing artificial intelligence predicted the obliteration of island nations amid rising sea levels.
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Minnesota licensing board using ‘mafia tactics’ on new teachers to accept critical race theory: Experts

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New teachers in Minnesota are expected to adopt aspects of critical race theory and gender ideology in order to acquire teaching licenses in the state.
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