Humanitarian volunteer, Marine vet killed in Ukraine while helping civilians

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Pete Reed worked for Global Outreach Doctors, which listed him as the "Ukraine Country Director," and as an ambulance worker to help retrieve wounded from the front lines.
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Treason! Man charged in Queen Elizabeth II assassination attempt faces maximum sentencing

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Jaswant Sing Chail tried to enter Windsor Castle on Christmas Day 2021 with a crossbow to avenge the 1919 massacre of protesters in India during the British occupation.
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American tourist arrested for vandalizing Jesus statue at Old City church in Jerusalem

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The tourist broke a statue of Jesus Christ in a church believed to be where He received His cross and was whipped by Roman soldiers ahead of His crucifixion.
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Afghanistan intelligence official brags about ordering attacks that killed hundreds of civilians

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The Kabul Attack Network carried out a number of attacks around the capital city and may have received funding from the Taliban, al Qaeda and Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps.
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CEO sues woman who sees him as ‘just a friend’ for $2.3 million

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K. Kawshigan sued Nora Tan for causing him "trauma, depression and impacts" and for causing damage to his "stellar reputation" after she filed for a protection order.
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Transgender teacher dismissed for sharing ‘inappropriate’ TikTok videos with Maine middle school students

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A parent said that students shared the videos via group chats, getting around some of the controls parents had implemented to control their children's social media use.
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Hong Kong residents scramble to get rid of CBD products after ban lumps it with heroin, cocaine

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Hong Kong has put CBD in the same class of drug as cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, ketamine and "ice" due to difficulty in isolating pure CBD from cannabis.
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