Randi Weingarten lambasts DeSantis over AP African-American Studies course ban: ‘Stop the race baiting’

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American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten lashed out at Ron DeSantis, accusing him of "race baiting" over an African American studies course.
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Universal Studios’ new Mario Kart ride ripped for rules restricting plus-sized visitors

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Universal Studios Hollywood's Mario Kart ride at Super Nintendo World was both praised and condemned after it was revealed to have size limitations for some rides.
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Enes Kanter Freedom rips Biden’s silence on Turkey bounty: ‘Picked a dictator’s side over a US citizen’

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Former NBA star Enes Kanter Freedom discussed Turkey's bounty on his head, Tuesday, slamming President Biden for his silence on the matter.
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Brooklyn Law professor claims cops ‘do not need’ to make routine traffic stops after Tyre Nichols’ death

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Brooklyn Law School professor Alexis Hoag-Fordjour told the hosts of 'CBS Mornings' that police should not be making routine traffic stops in response to Tyre Nichols' death.
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Lori Lightfoot ripped for dancing in street as crime soars: ‘Marie Antoinette of America’s mayors’

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot garnered intense criticism for dancing at a Lunar New Year parade as crime skyrockets throughout The Windy City.
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A 24-year-old millionaire responds after internet erupts at Lamborghini claims: ‘Not some ignorant little kid’

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24-year-old finance YouTuber and self-made millionaire Sebastian Ghiorghiu sparked debate after claiming men in their 20s should be able to afford a Lamborghini.
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Drew Barrymore ‘almost felt nervous and bad’ about ‘Charlie’s Angels’ casting, lack of diversity

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Drew Barrymore sat down with actress Nia Long to discuss "Charlie's Angels" casting and how she felt "nervous and bad" about the lack of diversity in the film.
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