California hiker, 22, found dead in wilderness at base of cliff in apparent accident

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The body of a missing 22 year-old hiker has been recovered at the base of a cliff at the Boney Mountain State Wilderness Area by Ventura County police.
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Air Force warns Chinese company’s North Dakota mill would be ‘significant’ national security threat

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Mayor Brandon Bochenski of Grand Forks, North Dakota, announced Tuesday that he plans to obstruct the development of a Chinese-owned corn mill due to national security concerns.
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Monterey Park, California, shooting 911 calls reveal witnesses’ terrified reactions: ‘Send the police’

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On Thursday, the city clerk of Monterey Park, California, released audio recordings of 911 calls made in the aftermath of the area's Lunar New Year mass shooting.
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Guantanamo Bay detainee Majid Khan resettled to Belize

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Majid Khan, a Pakistani citizen who pleaded guilty to transporting funds to al Qaeda later used to blow up an Indonesian Mariott hotel in 2003, has been transported to Belize.
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North Korea threatens ‘overwhelming nuclear force’ in response to US military exercises

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North Korea incensed by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's comments committing to further cooperation with South Korea on conventional, nuclear and missile defense capabilities.
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Pelosi endorses Schiff in California Senate race – unless Feinstein runs for re-election

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Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi has thrown her endorsement for California Senate behind Rep. Adam Schiff — unless Sen. Dianne Feinstein decides to seek re-election.
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US forces intercept thousands of assault rifles, ammo, anti-tank missiles from Iran

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U.S. Central Command on Jan. 15 seized thousands of rifles, nearly 600,000 rounds of ammunition and nearly two dozen anti-tank missiles en route from Iran to Yemen.
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