World marks Holocaust Remembrance Day as antisemitism continues to rise: ‘Jew-hatred still exists’

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World leaders vowed to remember and guard against the atrocities of the Holocaust ever happening again, but recent reports point to a significant resurgence of antisemitism.
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Israel rejects US request for Hawk missiles in aid to Ukraine

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Israel rejected a request from the U.S. to send old Hawk anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine as Washington looks to bolster Kyiv's defenses ahead of a looming Russian offensive.
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Benjamin Netanyahu returns to power in Israel as new government is sworn in

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Benjamin Netanyahu is once again Israel's prime minister after a new government has been sworn in Thursday following November's parliamentary elections.
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Study: Majority of Iranians want regime change as country’s protests continue to grow

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A new study by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change published a new report showing Iranian society has become more secular, spanning both genders and all age groups.
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Israeli defense minister calls US investigation into journalist’s killing a ‘grave mistake’

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Reports in Israel claim that the FBI is going to investigate the killing of a Palestinian-American journalist. Israel's defense minister said the investigation was a 'grave mistake.'
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Israeli PM to Fox: ‘We welcome the US strikes against the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria’

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Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid applauded the Biden administration for strikes against targets with ties to Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps in Syria.
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Israeli app helps deaf community engage and cope in war and peace

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A new app is helping members of the deaf community cope better during times of conflict be it in the Ukraine or Israel. A company also pioneered its use in live television events.
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