NC Republican lawmakers again propose bill to limit LGBTQ lessons in school

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Senate Republicans introduced “Parents’ Bill of Rights” which would limit sexuality and gender identity lessons taught in North Carolina schools.
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How a high-tech toilet can keep you from overspending on rolls of toilet paper

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Toilet paper can be very costly nowadays. Kurt "CyberGuy" Knutsson shows you how you could save money at the store by purchasing a high-tech toilet instead.
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Mitch McConnell touts funding he secured for Kentucky by voting for Biden’s infrastructure bill: ‘I’m proud’

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell touted $21.4 million in funding he secured for the city of Louisville by voting for President Biden's trillion-dollar infrastructure bill.
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Sen. Tim Scott kicking off ‘Faith in America’ listening tour, including ads in key 2024 primary state

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Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina is embarking on what’s being described as a “Faith in America” listening tour amid increased speculation he'll launch a 2024 GOP presidential campaign.
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A closer look at Tom Brady’s Hall of Fame timeline after seven-time Super Bowl winner announces retiremento

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Tom Brady compiled one of the most accomplished and storied careers in NFL history, and is a virtual lock for the Hall of Fame. But, he will have to wait before he is elected.
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Idaho murders: BTK serial killer on solitary confinement and Bryan Kohberger, ‘I know how he feels’

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Serial killer BTK says he can relate to Idaho student murders suspect Bryan Kohberger's time behind bars awaiting court proceedings, it's "Very lonely."
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South Korea rules stolen Korean Buddhist statue must return to Japanese temple where it was stolen

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A South Korean Buddhist statue must return to Japan, according to the state court. However, a Korean temple claiming ownership of the 14th-century artifact may appeal the ruling.
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