Baker says FBI investigated Sussmann claims of Trump, Russian bank connection: ‘There was nothing there’

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The FBI found "nothing there" after investigating Michael Sussmann's allegations of communications between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank, former FBI general counsel testified Thursday.
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Virginia students backslide after COVID closures, lowered standards create ‘disturbing trends’: Report

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A recent report from the Virginia superintendent of public instruction Jillian Balow unearthed the startling effects of COVID-19 school closures and lowered academic standards under the Northam administration.
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‘Partygate’ scandal: Police say Boris Johnson won’t face further fines

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Police said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson would not have to pay any additional fines over the "partygate" scandal. The U.K. leader previously paid one fine over COVID-19 pandemic lockdown-breaching gatherings.
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Energy Sec. Granholm denies high gas prices are result of Biden admin policies during spar with Hawley

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Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm insisted Thursday that policies implemented under the Biden administration had no impact on the rising energy prices Americans have faced since Biden took office last year.
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Democrats weaponize government when they don’t get their way

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The sight of protestors invading the private homes of Supreme Court justices should alarm Americans across the ideological spectrum. So should the Biden administration’s collective shrug of the shoulders, despite the mobs violating a federal law criminalizing attempts to "influence" federal officials on the outcome of a court case. Sadly, the tactics are not all that surprising, given the left’s pattern of weaponizing the federal government against their political opponents.
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Queen Elizabeth was ‘practically skipping’ following Prince William, Kate Middleton’s wedding, author claims

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The Platinum Jubilee marks Queen Elizabeth's 70 years on the throne. The 96-year-old is Britain's longest-reigning monarch.
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Florida congressman defends math book rejections: ‘Students are a captive audience’

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Florida Rep. Byron Donalds pressed witnesses on the appropriateness of a math book's example of a bar graph that was based on racial prejudice.
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